IUVSTA Procedures Manual

Guidelines for IUVSTA Technical Training Courses (ITTC)

Purpose and Format

The program of IUVSTA Technical Training Courses (ITTC) is intended to provide education at junior student, engineer or technician level in a topic within the fields covered by IUVSTA. Such courses are developed by member National Vacuum Societies of IUVSTA and are delivered in local languages.

In general, IUVSTA will not financially support a series of ITTC's taking place in the same country in consecutive years. A second ITTC organized by a National Vacuum Society may be financially supported by IUVSTA if the second ITTC has a completely different topic. However, National Vacuum Societies applying for the first time have priority for support if otherwise all requirements for organizing a successful ITTC are satisfied.

Financial arrangements

IUVSTA financial support for such courses is primarily intended to be subsidise the accommodation and travelling expenses within their own national borders of both participants and lecturers at the Technical Short Courses.

Organizers should also recognize that the IUVSTA financial commitment is limited to the pre-agreed sponsorship level.

If there is a financial loss, this is the responsibility of the organizers, and for this reason, it will normally be appropriate to run the school with the support of the local Vacuum Society who will have agreed to underwrite the course.

Details of the bank account of the Vacuum Society should be supplied to the Treasurer of IUVSTA who will transfer the agreed funds by electronic bank transfer.

After the course a summary financial account of the course should be sent to the Scientific Secretary.

Approval and Organization

The normal procedure for organizing a ITTC will be:

The basic topic, venue, budget and draft program for a course is developed by a member Vacuum Society.

A proposal must be submitted to the Scientific Secretary no later than one calendar month before the date of a meeting of the Executive Council if it is to be considered at that meeting.

The proposal will be considered by the Education Committee and if accepted will be submitted to the STD. If the proposal is then accepted by the STD, it will be presented to the Executive Council with a request for a maximum level of sponsorship funding. This money will be available to the organizers when needed, although some period of notice (e.g. 4-8 weeks) may be needed by the Treasurer of IUVSTA.

The organizers will provide regular progress reports to the Education Committee.

The course should be referred to in all publicity as an IUVSTA Technical Training Course. This requirement for IUVSTA to be seen as the primary sponsor should be recognized in any possible attempts to obtain additional funding.

After the course, a report and a financial statement will be presented to the Education Committee. The report will be sent in electronic form to the IUVSTA Web editor for inclusion in the web page. The school web page will be terminated.

Non-compliance or Cancellation

Should the course be cancelled for any reason, any unexpended part of the IUVSTA financial contribution should be returned to IUVSTA.

Should the Executive Council determine that any cancellation was not for good reason, it may require the return of the entire financial contribution, whether or not it had already been spent.

Should the Executive Council determine that the guidelines for ITTCs had been deviated from in a significant way, then it may demand the return of its entire financial contribution.

Sample Program

A sample program for such a course may be found here.


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